Chris George

CSS_ChrisflagChris George was born in San Antonio, TX, but grew up in Biloxi, MS.  He started doing improv while at the University of Southern Mississippi and later started doing short filmed sketches.  He moved to Chicago in 2007 where he studied at the iO theater and played with various groups around town.  Since late 2008 he has been in San Diego, building the previously non-existent improv scene, teaching, performing, producing, and directing various groups and shows.  He produces a podcast, As Ink (available through iTunes), writes a blog, and writes and stars in sketches with Mall Joggers (available on YouTube).

His zodiac sign is Cancer, and he wonders how much that really means.  The speed of light in a vacuum is 2.997 x 10^8 m/s, one of many facts in his brain.  Another is that he can recite all the lyrics to the Weird Al Show TV theme song.  The letters in Great Britain can be rearranged to spell “Big Titan Rear”.  He didn’t go to Disneyland until he was 28.